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We have published a genetic toolkit specifically designed for the endogenous-locus tagging of membrane protein genes encoding GPI-anchored and non-GPI-anchored sequences containing N-terminal signal sequences, as described in Gadelha et al. (2015). I’ll prepare maps and jpegs so to make plasmid sequences available here. Please check again soon.

ImageJ macros

This section provides tools to aid in the analysis of flagellar ultrastructure and beating. The files are macros for the fantastic Open Source image manipulation and analysis software ImageJ. A huge amount of extra functionality is freely available for the program in the form of plugins. Macros are similar, but generally quicker to write and not quite as slick looking. You can do all of the tasks provided by these macros the long way around, but they should speed things up considerably.

These scripts are Open Source - cut, copy and modify to your heart's content, but an acknowledgement would be kind.

Axoneme ellipse correction

Corrects transverse axonemal EM sections for elliptical deformation caused by cut angle being not exactly orthogonal to the longitudinal axis of the axoneme, as described in Gadelha et al. (2006). Macro performs non-linear least-squares fit of doublet positions to a deformed nonagon, corrects deformation and normalises axoneme to specified size. This allows cross-sections to be directly superimposed such that quantitative analysis and true angle measurements can be made.

Beat analysis toolkit

A set of tools for extracting data from movies of flagellar/ciliary beating and for the easy implementation of the "swimming on the spot" transformation (removal of cell translational motion without loss of beat information) as described in Gadelha et al. (2007).